Bucketfull of Brains is a great little
magazine featuring all your
favourite pop-psych, garage and
left field rockers.
Neat little pop outpost on the net
that occasionally features my
writing, as well as other stuff
that's actually worth reading too.
The absolute daddy.
The finest music magazine on the
market. Totally honest, utterly
unbeholden to anyone, but always
written from a fan's eyeview.
A great site and a great resource
for anyone interested in UK punk
from 1977 onwards. Also check
out the lively discussion boards
which are a great source of info.
Cherry Red has a great CD
catalogue of the great, the
obscure and the odd. I do a fair
amount of work for them, so if you
want to buy copies of the
Charlottes, Red Lorry Yellow
Lorry, Easterhouse, Ruefrex,
Charge, etc, click here.
Barney's exquisite site full of  
great rock writing over the last 25
years. Even features some of my
work, alongside a very, very, very
dodgy photograph.
Mark B's treasure chest of
absolutely rockin' punk rock from
the 70s onwards. A few dodgy Oi!
bands as well, but then no-one's
perfect. Click on this link to see
more on my work on Members,
Penetration, Skids etc re-releases.
Dizzy's Punk Rock Heaven!

Yep, loads of bios of fantastic lost
punk bands. A great resource
which is constantly and
continually updated.. I contributed
some of the stuff here - Blunt
Instrument, Martin And The
Brownshirts, Open Sore, etc.
Hyped 2 Death.Com

Chuck's yer man for those 45s
you thought would never, ever,
ever see the light of digital day.
A monstrous selection of the
beautifully obscure, and the
obscurely beautiful. The Versatile
News, anyone?
The Kinema Ballroom.

Ghoulz' fascinating (and
exhaustive) day by day guide to
the bands who appeared at this
famed Dunfermline Venue.
With prose so sharp you can
cyber-lacerate yourself in a single
sitting, Trakmarx is the best online
mag/fanzine you will ever read. One
day I will write for it and change all that.
Two Excellent sites
discussing local
punk history. Tingle
as you look at photos
of folks wielding  
guitars in that classic
get up and go DIY
spirit. Both sites run
by really nice people.
A selection of great hip hop sites

These are all excellent sites. My all-time fave
is Davey D's Davey D.com (click on The World
From A Hip Hop Perspective). A great site for
rebutting the myth that the whole hip hop
world has gone bling. Rapstation is one for
the Chuck D fans in the house. And Old
School is an excellent site for checking out
the history of hip hop.